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About us

Miroslav Vlček is a prominent Czech bass guitar builder with more than 22 years of experience. He uses modern constructions to build his instruments with neck-through and with a so-called tonal block in the center of the instrument. This construction guarantees a perfect stability of the instrument, tone length, and a specific character of sound. Thanks to apt construction and wood combination every instrument is prepared for each player based on what genre they play or which style of playing they prefer.

“Vlček’s” basses (vlček in the Czech language means little wolf) are mostly assembled from apt acoustic woods from domestic forests such as maple wood, but you can find models combined with exotic and rare woods.

Vlček Basses also develops and produces a complete portfolio of electronics for sound system installation and for operating their instruments. Vlček Basses has a specific setting, configuration and architecture electronics for each possibly desired tone. Thanks to that you can have full control of the final sound of your instrument. The instruments are shaped according to the latest trends and they give top comfort and functionality to professionals, but also to occasional players.

The main impulse to start making basses was lack of high-quality bass guitars in Czechia. Miroslav Vlček started by making an instrument for his own personal use. Afterward, he used his gained experience in the production of bass guitars for his friends and gradually he started making commissioned instruments.

A whole range of many domestic and international artists have grown to like the precise processing of Vlček Basses instruments.


"I make things that I feel good about."

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