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Shapes and body

These are the basic shapes of our instruments - available in 4, 5 and even 6 strings varieties. If you come with your own proposal - after consultations you can have the shape you want for your instrument.

The material of the body makes the sound character of the instrument. It supports or compresses tone, which is produced by the neck.
It is possible to use:

  • wings glued to the neck

  • wings with a top from a different figural wood

  • wings with a top across the whole surface of the instrument

Another possibility is to use a hollow body:


  • with many little pockets - it weights less, sounds louder and it preserves the sound character of the used wood

  • with big pockets in the wings, the neck is one-piece - it is even louder, it loses the sound character of the used wood

  • with pockets in the wings, even milled neck - acoustic show, usage of resonance woods

The role of wood is to resonate, to send energy back into the strings and support their sound. Our goal is to achieve the perfect ring resonance.

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